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Quantum Optics seminar - Yannick Seis: Entangling ionic qubits using global laser pulses

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Thursday 21 May 2015,  at 13:15 - 14:00

Speaker: Yannick Seis, Imperial College London

Title: Entangling ionic qubits using global laser pulses

Time and place: Thursday 21/5, 13:15, 1520-732

We investigate the action of global laser pulses on a set of ionic qubit crystals in a Penning trap. Mechanical vibration modes of the crystal are driven by applying state dependent forces on
the ions, this allows for different couplings between qubit states and vibrational modes.
We exploit this difference in coupling to makes different states in a superposition evolve in separate manners to implement operations on the quantum information stored in the ions.

We report the implementation of a Controlled-Z gate on an arbitrary number of qubits with two global pulses as well as a repetition code encoding with a single global pulse. We also combine global pulses driving different vibration modes to implement qubit interactions with localised Hamiltonians.

Coffee, tea and cake will be served at 13:00.

Aurelien Dantan