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Quantum optics seminar - Dr James Millen: Control and cooling of nanoparticles in vacuum

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Monday 17 August 2015,  at 10:15 - 11:00

Title: Control and cooling of nanoparticles in vacuum

Speaker: Dr James Millen, Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Techonolgy

Time and place: Monday, Aug. 17, 10:15, 1520-732


Nanoscale devices are beginning to fulfil their potential as cutting edge technology, for example by acting as ultrasensitive sensors, and as signal transducers. By cooling the motion of nano-oscillators, their motion can enter the quantum regime, promising transduction and storage of quantum information, quantum limited measurements, and the exploration of quantum physics at large mass scales. By freeing and isolating your nanoobject, either through levitation or launching in vacuum, the Q factor is greatly enhanced, and decoherence pathways are minimized. In this talk I will present progress in cooling levitated nanospheres to the milli-Kelvin level using optical and electric fields, and work on controlling free nanoparticles in ultra-high vacuum. 

Coffee, tea and bredrolls will be served at 10:00.

Aurelien Dantan