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Poul Erik Nissen to receive the IFA medal for distinguished service

At a short ceremony ending the informations meeting on Monday 4 June 2018 associate professor emeritus Poul Erik Nissen was awarded IFA's medal for distinguished service from department manager Lars Andersen.

2018.06.07 | Ole J. Knudsen

Poul Erik Nissen recieves diploma and medal.

Lars Andersen motivated the medal award with the long career in research pursued by Poul Erik Nissen - a career that shows no sign of ending as Poul Erik still 14 years after his pensioning is publishing papers and is participating actively in the research activities at Stellar Astrophysics Centre.

Way back in 1963 he was hired as instructor of astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy, at that time based at the Ole Rømer Observatory. When Poul Erik in 1965 was due for doing military service, he recieved permission from the Danish Defence Ministry for participating in educational activities at the university of up to 10 hours weekly, this being requested by the professor of astronomy at that time, Mogens Rudkjøbing. Since the career continued to this day, and hopefully for many more years:

Poul Erik Nissen's research has primarily been in the field of the chemical composition of the Universe and the synthesis of elements in stars way back to the earliest times after Big Bang. This work has recently had a strong emphasis within SAC with the recent and coming activities concerning Galactic Archaeology.

Within ESO and in the boards of a.o. the Nordic Optical Telescope, and as a teacher and mentor for innumerable astronomers, Poul Erik Nissen has also participated with no small enthusiasm.

This is the first time that the IFA medal of distinguished service has been awarded.

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