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New employee: Rikke Ploug Frydenberg

Rikke Ploug Frydenberg started at IFA 1/8, where she was employed as a project coordinator in Nikolaj Zinner's group.

[Translate to English:] Rikke Ploug Frydenberg
[Translate to English:] Rikke Ploug Frydenberg

“I am happy for the opportunity to return to IFA! After I stopped as IFA's scientific coordinator back in 2020, I have worked as a postdoc at AU FOOD. And recently I have had the role of center manager at the DG Center CellPAT at iNANO.

I greatly appreciate being part of the university world and look forward to resuming an administrative role here at IFA.

I still live a little outside Hinnerup with my husband, Magnus, and our two children - Andrea aged 9 and Jakob aged 7. I spend a large part of my time outdoors, especially in the garden, where I grow a whole lot of plants for more biodiversity and lots of experiences.”

A warm welcome!