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New visiting Associate Professor: Nathan Harshman

In July Nathan L. Harshman has joined the Department as visiting Associate Professor, where he will be working with the Nikolaj Zinner group.

2016.07.26 | Mai Korsbæk

Nathan was a postdoc at Rice University before being offered a tenure-track position at the American University in Washington, DC, after only two years as a postdoc. He has been Heraeus Foundation fellow at Würzburg University in Germany 1998-99, Fulbright  lecturer at Trento University in Italy, and recently DAAD Visiting Professor at Ulm University in Germany.


Nathan Harshman has a background in theoretical nuclear physics and particle physics, but in recent years he has been very active in the study of entanglement and symmetries in quantum physics. Furthermore, he has published several articles about teaching methods and  tests. Over the years, his insight into the use of symmetries within different quantum systems has helped him generate new results in several different subfields of physics, the most recent being his work with particles in one dimension.


We welcome Nathan to the Department.

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