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New postdoc - Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil

Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil (Ragesh) joined ion trap group lead by Prof. Michael Drewsen in February 2020.

He will be working on quantum logistic spectroscopy of large bio-relevant molecular ions using the recently built cryogenically cooled rf linear Paul trap and electrospray ion source. The ultimate aim of the project is to understand the light harvesting process of photosynthesis. The project will also look into the determination and changing the chirality of single molecular ions

Ragesh completed his PhD from University of Iceland, Iceland in December 2017. His PhD work was focused on the understanding of low energy electron reactions with bimetallic and silicon containing FEBID precursor molecules.  In 2018 he moved to J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague for a post – doctoral position, there he mostly worked on the electron energy loss spectroscopy of different variety of molecules interested in plasma physics, biological field, nanofabrication, astrochemistry etc. Prior to his PhD degree he completed his master degree in photonics from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India.