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New Postdoc - Juan Sánchez-Baena

In January 2021, Juan Sánchez-Baena joined the research group of Professor Thomas Pohl as postdoc at the Center for Complex Quantum Systems.

Juan obtained his Msc. Degree in Advanced Physics in 2016, in Barcelona's University. He moved afterwards to Prof. Jordi Boronat's group, at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, to start his PhD in Computational and Applied Physics under the supervision of Prof. Jordi Boronat and Prof. Ferran Mazzanti.

He successfully completed his PhD studies in December 2020. His PhD research revolved around the design and application of quantum monte carlo methods for the study of spin-orbit coupling systems, together with the characterization of these systems by means of non-monte carlo approaches such as beyond mean field calculations at the Bogoliubov level.

In Thomas Pohls group, Juan will be working on ultracold quantum gases, with focus on polaron and polariton systems.


When we are back at the department, you can find Juan in office 1520-626.