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Meet a student at IFA

Monthly contribution from Christiane Rahbek

Photo: Christiane Rahbek
Photo: Christiane Rahbek

Where do you come from?

"I was born and grew up in Silkeborg".

Name three things that you appreciate about your studies.

"The in-depth knowledge you get about physics.
That you get the ability to solve difficult problems.
The social cohesion among the students."

Tell us about your Master's thesis.

"In my Master's thesis I will take a look at 5He-t coincidenses from the decay of 8He. This is part of a major research project from CERN-ISOLDE, where we look at beta-delayed neutrons from the decay of 8He og 9Li. We are interested in learning more about these neutrons as they form a background in neutrino experiments. If we are to learn more about the physics that the standard model cannot describe, we must be able to describe these neutrinos more precisely, and we must therefore be able to remove the background neutron in the neutrino experiments".

Where is your favourite spot at IFA?

"7. Floor in 1520. The balcony on the 7th floor is a super spot to go out and take a break, gather your thoughts and get some fresh air. In addition, I have recently started to sit down in the canteen and eat lunch with my fellow students, which is something I look forward to every day".

Is there anything else you would like to tell about yourself?

"I like crocheting, and I'm currently completing a couple of fingerless mittens."