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IFA is involved when Europe's largest open quantum computers are to be established at the Niels Bohr Institute.

It has just been announced that the Innovation Fund has invested DKK 39.6 million in the project, which controls Denmark's infrastructure in quantum technology development by establishing a quantum computer where all parts can be opened, examined and developed.

[Translate to English:] Professor, Nikolaj Zinner
[Translate to English:] Professor, Nikolaj Zinner

At IFA, Professor Nikolaj Zinner is developing new ideas and methods to get qubits to do the basic operations on which a quantum algorithm is based in the project.

About the project's importance for the institute, he says:

"It is really good that IFA is involved in a project that will make a larger quantum computer available. I think that will be very good for gaining practical experience with these kinds of systems, both for researchers and for the students. So from that point of view it is important to be involved from the start, so that we can try out some ideas on actual quantum hardware. "

The project is expected to start in May 2024, and you can read the entire press release here.