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Grant to "Green accelerator technology for Magnet Systems"

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has rewarded the advanced technology project "Green accelerator technology for Magnet Systems" (“GREEN MAGNETS”) with 9m DKK as announced on 3 June 2010. The objective of the project is to develop, design, manufacture, test and demonstrate a new specific hybrid magnet and power converter technology which will drastically reduce the electrical power consumption and cooling requirements of accelerator magnets in comparison with today’s state of the art. The technology will be introduced on the market with the aim to proactively address the future requirements to energy savings and sustainability of new particle accelerator investments. One of the partners is Søren Pape Møller, head of ISA, Institute for Storage Ring Facilities in Aarhus, Aarhus University. The other partners are DANFYSIK A/S, Sintex A/S, Institut for Energiteknik, Aalborg University, and Aarhus School of Engineering.

See the announcement on http://www.hoejteknologifonden.dk/ (in Danish).