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General Physics Colloquim - Henrik Skov: "Research opportunities Villum Research Station"

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Thursday 12 January 2017,  at 15:15 - 16:00


Fys. Aud.

General Physics Colloquium



Professor Henrik Skov

Department of Environmental Science, Arctic Research Centre Aarhus University



Research opportunities Villum Research Station




In 2013 a grant of 9.3 mill € from the Villum Foundation made it possible  to build a new modern research Station at Station Nord in the High Arctic with all the facilities to host research groups from almost all natural science disciplines. The Station named Villum Research Station (VRS) includes 6 laboratories; a “dirty” laboratory, a chemical laboratory, a microbiological laboratory and a cleaner laboratory (though not following a certified standard) and finally a house dedicated to atmospheric measurements. This house is equipped with two atmospheric monitoring laboratories and it is located 2 km from the center of Station Nord in order to minimize local contamination. The station is located in the uppermost north-eastern corner of Greenland at 81<font size="2">o</font> 36'5.26” N, 16<font size="2">o</font> 39'43.31” W, 24 m ASL. The location is where the winter transport of pollution from Eurasia via Siberia first hit land again after being transported up over the North Pole.

Furthermore the ice stream from the Arctic Ocean is along the east cost of Greenland and thus multi-year and seasonal ice is transported right to the “door” of the station. Finally the area is one of the areas where the highest temperature increase is predicted.  Thus, the station has an ideal position for investigating the causes and consequences of a still warmer climate on Earth and can serve as a sentinel for global change. The facilities make it possible study the changes in High Arctic and how they affect the biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, cryosphere and marine environment.

I my presentation I will tell about the possibilities for doing research at VRS and come with examples of what has already been accomplished.

Coffee and cake will be served at 15:05