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Remote controlled telescope now ready for Danish gymnasium classes

Det Fjernstyrede UndervisningsTeleskop (FUT) is a free offer from Aarhus University to the Danish educational community. Pupils will be able to observe during ordinary daytime lectures in Denmark with an Australian based 60 cm telescope with full remote control.

[Translate to English:] Logo for Det Fjernstyrede UndervisningsTeleskop - FUT.
[Translate to English:] Logo for Det Fjernstyrede UndervisningsTeleskop - FUT.

The telescope, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, is ready for use and for testing with selected classes. Next step in the project is an online archive of observations and project descriptions for further inspiration.


FUT is based at the Mount Kent Observatory near Brisbane, Australia. Left during erection in 2020  and right under it's protecting dome. Photos: FG/AU.

First light images from the FUT demonstrates that the lightpath is clear from telescope to camera and further on to the control centre in Denmark. Wide field observations covering the whole lunar disc, and other objects, e.g. stellar clusters and galaxies in colour are easily obtained under the clear and dark Australian skies.





Layout of the FUT control panel. The telescope can be controlled from anywhere via an internetbrowser.

Access to the telescope is via the link fut.phys.au.dk . The use of the telescope is restricted for Danish gymnasium classes, but may be opened for others at a later time.

The Aarhus University team behind det Fjernstyrede UndervisningsTeleskop is : Mads Fredslund Andersen, Simon Holmbo, Christoffer Søndergaard, Samuel Grund, Rasmus Handberg, Eric Weiss, Frank Grundahl, Hans Kjeldsen and Karsten Brogaard.

Questions, ideas and indications of interest to Karsten Brogaard at kfb@phys.au.dk.