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Quantum Science Colloquium - Offek Tziperman-Lotan

Title: Spontaneous emission from correlated emitters

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Thursday 29 June 2023, at 14:00 - Wednesday 28 June 2023, at 16:00



Spontaneous emission is in every corner of quantum optics. Surprisingly, there remain fundamental unanswered questions about the nature of spontaneous emission from systems with quantum correlations.

These questions become especially exciting with recent advances in experimental platforms such as coupled quantum dots and atomic arrays, enabling beautiful experiments on super- and subradiance. I will present our theoretical work unveiling the quantum state of light emitted in the super and subradiance phenomena. I will discuss the conditions under which the quantum correlations between emitters are not lost during the emission process but instead, transfer to the output light.

Furthermore, I will show how spontaneous emission can create correlated quantum light from initially uncorrelated quantum emitters. The process of spontaneous emission can then create photonic states useful for quantum technologies such as squeezed and Schrodinger-cat states.