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CMCI Workshop: Agent based modelling for quantum optimization problems

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Wednesday 20 May 2015,  at 09:00 - 16:00



In this workshop participants will be introduced to the problems attacked in the Quantum Measurement and Manipulation group dealing with challenges in the development of a quantum computer.

We approach the problems from two perspectives. First, we have developed online games allowing users of the internet to help solving the problems, and secondly we develop agent-based simulations to optimize as efficiently as possible in the complex optimization landscape.

Activities during the day

  • Introduction to quantum physics
  • Introduction to crowdsourced quantum problem solving
  • Introduction to agent based optimization (ABO)
  • Matlab exercise: analyze player behavior
  • Matlab exercise: calibrate and run a ABO optimization
  • Visit to the CODER lab where the games are developed and the physics lab where the quantum computer is being built.

The workshop is part of a workshop series held by the AU network for Computational Modelling of Complex Interactions, for more information go to cmci.dk/activities.