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AMO-line and XRING inauguration

Info about event


Tuesday 21 June 2016,  at 12:00 - 13:00



Tuesday, 21 June at 12.00 noon we will have an inauguration of the AMO-line at ASTRID2 and the connected XRING end-station


We would like to celebrate that our new complete laboratory for studies of VUV physics of molecular systems is now in use.  

The AMOLine and the XRING are two large installation, that have been constructed during the last couple of years in connection with the ASTRID2 project.  

The AMO-line setup produces high-energy light from a so-called undulator whereafter the light is directed through a monochromator (selects the wavelength) and is focussed in the XRING laboratory.
The XRING laboratory holds two complementary setups dedicated to the studies of VUV physics of atomic and molecular systems. 

The inauguration of the laboratories takes place ”on-location” in the area around the AMO-line behind ASTRID2, close to the Department of Chemistry.

A light lunch as well as a glass will be served.

Kind regards, 

Henrik B. Pedersen, Søren Vrønning Hoffmann, Nykola Jones, Lars H. Andersen, Søren Pape Møller