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10.10.2019 | Studerende

How precise do properties of stars have to be when doing galactic chronology?

The Independent Research Fund Denmark grants Victor Silva Aguirre Dkk 604 800 for further studies into the problem

Blue-white B star. Credit: ESO.

01.10.2019 | Medarbejdere

Hot stars with an unknown past promise new understandings also of the Sun

Professor Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard coauthors a paper on B-subdwarfs in Nature Astronomy Letters 30. September 2019

Victoria Antoci. Private photo.

10.09.2019 | Studerende

Victoria Antoci of SAC had a good idea!

The Villum Experiment Grants seek to reward scientists who question conventional thinking, and thus the idea of Exploring the interplay between hot stars and exoplanets with a new spectrograph prototype for a unique nano-satellite mission has been awarded a grant of DKK 1 960 230,00.

Artist’s impression of a hot Jupiter (right) and its cool host star. Credit: AIP/Kristin Riebe

09.09.2019 | Medarbejdere

Potassium has been detected with very high significance in the upper atmosphere of exoplanet HD 189733b

SAC's Carolina von Essen is co-author of the recent paper in MNRAS Letters. Follow this link to the full press release from Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam.

SONG telescope on Tenerife in summer 2019. Photo: RMS Photography.

24.07.2019 | Offentligheden / Pressen, Studerende, Medarbejdere

On the road to SONG

Friend of SAC and eminent astrophotographer Ruslan Merzlyakov authors today's Astronomy Picture of the Day

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