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Stellar Astrophysics Centre:

Research on the Sun, stars

and extra-solar planets

Dear all,

10 1/2 fantastic years supported by the Danish National Research Foundation ended as planned on 30 September 2022, but the centre of exellence Stellar Astrophysics Centre, SAC, lives on.

Although we have had to say goodbye and thank you to many valuable co-workers,  many activities at Aarhus University will continue as will the productive collaborations with the unique SAC Nodes at various research institutions around the Globe.

Emphasis will still be on asteroseismology and exoplanets - to the initiated: quivering jellyballs and slimy rocks!

Professor Emeritus and Kavli Prize Laureate Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard will still be supervising the work with his red proofreading pen firmly in hand, and Centre Manager Hans Kjeldsen will still be managing the technicalities of administration and reply promptly to his e-mails.

Over the years more than 70 students, professional astronomers and technical and administrative staff have been in contact with SAC; far too many to address directly, but you are all thanked for your work, the inspiration that you brought to SAC and not the least your sense of humour. 3 embedded positions at the Faculty is one of the tangible results of SAC, that we are very proud of.

This webpage will be kept open for reference, and occasional news items will occur. Some of the initiatives begun within SAC will be moved to the new Aarhus Space Centre - SpaCe.

We are planning on adding another webpage memorizing the activities at SAC, and we hope that many of you will contribute with a few lines on your experiences during your work with the centre over the years.
Your contribution could include answers to the following questions:

-          When were you a part of the centre?

-          What line of work were you working with in SAC?

-          What did you get out of working in with SAC on a professional and personal level?

-          In which your field of work are you now?

We hope that you would like to contribute to this special page, and that you would send us a photo of yourself in this connection as soon as convenient.

We wish to thank everyone for having been a part of the journey during these past 10 1/2 years, from 2012 to 2022.

With our best wishes,

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard and Hans Kjeldsen.