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Thomas Pohl and his group studies the physics of individual quantum systems and their collective behavior that may emerge from mutual interactions and strong coupling to light.

Within CCQ the group will investigate how many-body systems, such as trapped ion crystals and atomic quantum gases can be controlled with light and, and at the same time, exploited to manipulate quantum states of light. In close collaboration with Georg Bruun, their research will investigate the many-body physics of such light-matter interfaces, e.g., seeking to clarify how photons can acquire fundamentally new properties mediated by emerging quasi-particles in a quantum environment. The control and exploitation of such environmental couplings to steer quantum dynamics and probe complex quantum states with light will be explored jointly with Klaus Mølmer and his group. The insights gained from these theoretical studies will support the experimental developments in the groups of Jan Arlt and Michael Drewsen on ultracold quantum gases and trapped ion crystals in optical cavities.