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YAO conference 2021

CCQ's young researchers part of the organizing committee

This year Young Atom Optician conference (YAO) is arranged by PhD students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, AU. Many of the center's young researchers have taken part in organizing the conference with an exciting three day programme including talks from invited international speakers, panel discussions, a show and tell session as well as poster sessions.

The YAO is an annual meeting aimed at PhD students and young researchers in the field of quantum optics and atomic and molecular physics. The goal is to provide the participants with a platform to learn from and extend their network with peers from around the world. The conference is traditionally organised by local PhD students and since 1995 it has been held in different institutes all over Europe. Previous editions have been held in among others, Hamburg (2019), Glasgow (2018), Paris (2017) and  Munich (2016). Next year it will be held in Stuttgart (for information visit their webpage). The 26th Edition of the YAO conference will take place online from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th May 2021. 

Read more about the conference here

The main sponsor is Novo Nordisk Fonden