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New Research Assistant - Daniel Holleufer

On 15 September 2022 Daniel Holleufer joined Thomas Pohl's group at CCQ

As research assistant in Pohl's group, Daniel will investigate the behaviour of an array of two-level atoms coupled to the light field of a one-dimensional waveguide. The light from the waveguide can excite the atoms through the absorption of a photon, and the atoms can then decay back to the ground state, emitting light into the waveguide in the process. Since we have a one-dimensional waveguide, the light sent back into the waveguide can go either to the left or the right. Together with the research group of Thomas Pohl, he wish to consider so-called chiral systems, where the light emitted from the decaying atoms will not necessarily go the left or the right in equal amounts. In particular, they wish to investigate at which distributions of light emitted in either direction, certain phenomena like sub- and superradiance can happen. Subradiance is the phenomenon where the decay of the atoms is suppressed, resulting in less generated light, while superradiance is the opposite phenomenon, where the decay of the atoms is strongly enhanced, resulting in more light. Apart from sending light back into the waveguide, the atoms can also send light into the free space surrounding our system, resulting in a loss of light. Including this, they can also investigate the transmission, reflection, and loss of these chiral systems. Finally, in addition to sub- and superradiance, this system can also be used to generate selective radiance, where the emission of light is suppressed to all, but a few specific modes.