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New postdoc - Jan Kumlin

Jan Kumlin joins the Center for Complex Quantum Systems in January 2022

Photo: Jan Kumlin
Photo: Jan Kumlin

On 15 January 2022 Jan Kumlin joined CCQ as new postdoc.  

Jan obtained his PhD degree in July 2021 from the University of Stuttgart, where he worked in the group of Prof. Hans Peter Büchler and continued as a research assistant.

His graduate research focused on the impact of light-induced resonant dipole-dipole interactions on the dynamics of a so-called Rydberg superatom, where they showed that these interactions lead to a nontrivial emission dynamics from such a superatom. During his PhD, he closely collaborated with the experimental group of Prof. Sebastian Hofferberth at SDU in Odense.

During his postdoctoral research in Thomas Pohl's group, he will work on polaritons and light-matter interactions in ultracold atoms, Rydberg systems and solid-state systems.

A warm welcome to Jan!