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New PhD Student - Victor Rueskov Christiansen

Victor Rueskov Christiansen joins the Center for Complex Quantum Systems in August 2022

Photo: Victor Rueskov Christiansen
Photo: Victor Rueskov Christiansen

Victor Rueskov Christiansen joins Klaus Mølmer's group as PhD student in August 2022

In his Ph.D project he will investigate the transfer of the content of quantum pulses through quantum networks of local systems (e.g. two-level systems). The goal is to obtain an efficient describtion of large networks using for instance the SLH formalism.

Futhermore he will investigate how quantum pulses of light (or other bosonic fields like phonons) can be used as a medium for interactions between qubits in a quantum network, to create quantum gates and quantum computations. The aim is to explore ways of upscaling a quantum network to realize large scale quantum computations.

Victor will also investigate how the content of a quantum pulse can be used as flying qubits, where the logical qubit is encoded in the photon number (or other characteristics) of the pulse of radiation. In this case the quantum network will still be used to perform the quantum computations but this time the readout measurements are performed on the photons exploring the network.

A warm welcome to Victor!