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New PhD Student - Søren Skovgaard Balling

Søren Skovgaard Balling joins the Center for Complex Quantum Systems in August 2022

Photo: Søren Skovgaard Balling
Photo: Søren Skovgaard Balling

Søren Skovgaard Balling joins Jan Arlt’s group as PhD student 1 August 2022. Søren did his bachelor’s thesis on pulsed Doppler cooling of ions with Michael Drewsen as supervisor, and he continued these investigations as part of his master’s studies. Furthermore, Søren has worked as instructor in Besøgsservice most of his time at IFA.

Søren is particularly interested in advanced experimental physics, and the interplay between experimental evidence and theoretical understanding is what drives him as a physicist. As a PhD student, Søren will do quantum simulation of so-called polarons by placing atoms of a second quantum state within Bose-Einstein condensates. In particular, Søren will investigate interactions between polarons mediated by the surrounding condensate and moving polarons at various speeds.

A warm welcome to Søren!