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New PhD Student - Emil Lenler-Eriksen

Emil Lenler-Eriksen joins the Center for Complex Quantum Systems in August 2022

Photo: Emil Lenler-Eriksen
Photo: Emil Lenler-Eriksen

Emil Lenler-Eriksen joins Michael Drewsen's group as PhD student in August 2022

In his PhD project the goal is to capture a single chiral molecular ion, initially focusing on tyrosine, alongside a single atomic ion in order to cool down the molecule via sympathetic cooling. Such cooling of the molecule will grant access to regions of the absorption spectrum, which have previously been inaccessible. The absorption of the molecule is to be investigated via so-called recoil spectroscopy, in which he and the research group of Drewsen will look at the "tiny kick" the molecule recieves under absorption of a single photon. These spectroscopic measurements will help with more precise determination of the molecular structure of tyrosine as well as pave the way for non-destructive methods of determining the chirality of chiral molecules.

A warm welcome to Emil!