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Guest researcher Sholeh Razavian joins CCQ

Sholeh Razavian is visiting our center from 1. November 2021 - 31. October 2022. 

She is founded for 18 months DAAD-PRIME fellowship, in which 12 months at Aarhus University in Prof. Klaus Molmer group, and reintegration phase at Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich with the collaboration of Prof. Harald Weinfurter experimental group at Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Munich.

During her PhD, she worked on Quantum metrology in Prof. Matteo Paris's group at Milan University and Quantum correlation dynamics in Iran. And then she joined to MPQ group as a visiting researcher. With this program, she wants to investigate the impact of dephasing and loss on quantum correlations in the integrated waveguides and exploit the decoherence as a resource to waveguide parameter estimation and some other cool fundamental work.

On behalf of the entire CCQ staff, a warm welcome to Sholeh,