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CCQ/CQOM Colloquium - Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado, Denver

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Torsdag 24. februar 2022,  kl. 16:00 - 17:00



Title: Optical lattice clocks: From Timekeepers to Spies of the Quantum Realm

Abstract: Harnessing the behavior of complex systems is at the heart of quantum technologies. Precisely engineered ultracold gases are emerging as a powerful tool for this task. In this talk I will explain how ultracold strontium atoms trapped by light can be used to create optical lattice clocks – the most precise timekeepers ever imagined. I am going to explain why these clocks are not only fascinating, but of crucial importance since they can help us to answer cutting-edge questions about complex many-body phenomena and magnetism, to unravel big mysteries of our universe and to build the next generation of quantum technologies.