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CCQ Lunch Seminar: Simon Panyella Pedersen

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Onsdag 2. februar 2022,  kl. 11:30 - 13:00



Title: Quantum nonlinear optics in atomic dual arrays

Abstract: In my talk I will introduce and go through the results presented in a paper we (Thomas Pohl, Lida Zhang, and I) have recently submitted to PRL. In this paper we show theoretically how to generate correlated light using ordered atomic arrays. The correlation between photons indicate an effective interaction has taken place, which is of both fundamental and technological interest. We have found that while a single atomic array generates only weakly correlated light, putting two together results in highly anti-bunched light, meaning strong photon-photon interactions have been induced. These are due to extremely narrow transmission resonances around which photons are confined in the dual array for a long time, giving them more time to interact in the arrays. The resonances can be understood as a kind of electromagnetically induced transparency, due to the interference between a bright and a dark collective state of the arrays.