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onsdag 13. oktober 2021,  kl. 11:30 - 13:00



Title: Pulsed Doppler laser cooling: Towards investigations of many-body quantum dynamics of ion Coulomb crystals interacting with optical cavity fields

In the Ion Trap group we aim at investigating quantum many-body phenomena, where ensembles of ultra-cold ions, interact with specific modes of an optical cavity. In the ultimate scenario, both the internal and external states of the ions must be carefully controlled, which means, e.g., cooling the ions to their motional ground states. Due to the design of our so-called cavity-trap setup, it is not possible to Doppler laser cool the ions along the rf-free trap axis, which leaves the ions away from this axis experience very large time-varying Doppler shifts with respect to the laser cooling beams. To circumvent this, we are exploring a novel pulsed cooling scheme.    

In this talk, I will present the simulation work that has been done in the Ion Trap group to simulate pulsed Doppler cooling for ions off the rf free axis and compare the results to traditional continuous cooling, as well as to first experimental results obtained by former members of the ion trap group.