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A new CCQ member joins our center

Christian Saugbjerg Lange starts on 1 September as PhD student in Thomas Pohl's group

We are delighted to welcome yet another member to our Center after the Summer break. 

Christian Saugbjerg Lange joins Thomas Pohl's group as new PhD student on 1 September 2021. Christian did his bachelor’s thesis in Lars Bojer’s group at AU on High Harmonic Generation (HHG) and looked at the difference between the trivial and topological phase in a solid. After an exchange semester at ETH Zürich, he’s ready to shift gears and look at quantum optics and quantum many-body physics in the theoretical group.

Christian is interested in the interaction between photons and quantum many-body systems. Especially, he will explore how the interplay between photons and atomic quantum gasses affects the collective behavior of the quantum gas as well as the optical nonlinearity. He will further investigate how and if the many-body dynamics can be probed e.g. by measuring the coupled light field.