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AIAS is buzzing with Rydberg interactions

The 5th International workshop on Rydberg Excitions in Semiconductors is off to a great start!

The International Workshop on Rydberg Excitons in Semiconductors had a successful launch yesterday at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) with a packed program filled with esteemed invited speakers; Hamid Ohadi (University of St. Andrews), Ajit Srivastava (Emory University), Stephen Lynch (Cardiff University), Jörg Main (University of Stuttgart), Dirk Semkat (University of Greifswald), Sylwia Zielińska-Raczyńska (Bydgoszcz University of Sience and Technology), and Liam Gallagher (University of Durham) as well as contributed talks and lively discussions. The workshop marks the 5th time that prominent international researchers get together to present exciting research news and results from within the field of quantum optics, non-linear optics with Rydberg exciton polaritons, many-body physics of dipolar excitons and their interactions with charge carriers to quantum sensing applications.

Todays’ program continues to feature prominent researchers; Georg Bruun (Aarhus University), Armando Genco (The Polytechnic University of Milan), Chun Hung Lui (University of California, Riverside), Na Young Kim (University of Waterloo), Tomasz Smoleński (ETH, Zûrich), and Valentin Walther, (Harvard University), who will contribute with interesting talks at the workshop today.

The workshop is organized by Prof. Thomas Pohl and Associate Prof. Richard Schmidt from CCQ, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, together with Prof. Stefan Scheel, Universität Rostock, Germany, Prof. Manfred Bayer, TU Dortmund, Germany, and Prof. Matthew P.A. Jones, Durham University, UK

See the full program and book of abstracts here

Listen in to the interesting talks on zoom: