Aarhus Universitets segl

The research group of Michael Drewsen investigates trapped ion systems at the quantum level.

By cooling and confining atomic and molecular ions the group develops techniques to control both internal and external quantum states and to study the behavior of systems ranging from a single to thousands of particles. In all the investigations ion traps and light fields are the crucial tools that enable the tailoring of particular quantum systems and their dynamics.

Within CCQ, the group will combine these components to realize and investigate hybrid quantum systems in which spin and motional quantum states of cold ion crystals are coupled to individual photons in optical resonators. Novel applications for quantum simulations and close links to quantum thermodynamics will be explored in close collaboration with the groups of Thomas Pohl and Klaus Mølmer. In a joint experimental effort with Jan Arlt, the group will realize another quantum hybrid system consisting of strongly interacting ultracold ions immersed in an atomic quantum gas to investigate the physics of quantum impurities and quasiparticle interactions together with Georg Bruun and his group.