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Jan Arlt and his team create and investigate quantum gases of ultracold atoms.

By cooling atoms to very low temperature just above absolute zero, the group realizes extreme conditions under which quantum mechanical effects can be observed directly in the laboratory. They use laser light and magnetic fields to control and manipulate such quantum gases in order to create new kinds of quantum matter and explore their fundamental behavior from few to many particles.

Close collaborations with all CCQ groups will make it possible to explore interacting quantum systems along new experimental directions. For examples, the group will investigate emergent interactions in mixtures of quantum gases and aims to observe superfluid properties of mobile impurities by optically controlling the motion of individual quantum particles in mesoscopic ensembles. They will realize and investigate new composite quantum systems, by hybridizing light and quantum gases, and by immersing individual ions into atomic quantum fluids in a joint experiment with Michael Drewsen and his group. Besides opening a unique window into the physics of quasiparticles, these efforts aim to lay a foundation for new technology for probing quantum many-body systems and to explore new quantum states of light and matter.