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The group of Georg Bruun works on the development and application of quantum many-body theory.

Within CCQ he leads the development of new methodology to further our understanding and potential applications of the rich phenomenology of quantum impurities and quasi-particles in many-body systems. These efforts aim to clarify how quasi-particles form dynamically from hybridizing fundamentally distinct quantum systems, how we can control their basic properties and transport behavior, and how they may interact via a common quantum environment.

The upcoming CCQ experiments lead by Michael Drewsen and Jan Arlt will realize new hybrid quantum systems of ions, atoms and photons, which will provide unique platforms to address these questions and scrutinize our theoretical understanding. In close collaboration with Thomas Pohl and Klaus Mølmer, his group will investigate how charges and charged crystals behave in a quantum fluid, how strong photon coupling to atomic Bose Einstein condensates may trigger the emergence of new quantum states, such as topological phases, and how quasi-particles may be employed as non-local probes to detect such exotic many-body quantum states.