Wasp 33b is an "Ultrahot Jupiter" with aluminumoxide in it's atmosphere

The atmosphere around ultra hot Jupiter-like exoplanet Wasp 33b contains aluminiumoxide

2018.11.08The discovery has been made with the OSIRIS spectrograph at Gran Telescopio Canarias by a group of astronomers led by IFA's Carolina von Essen.

New postdoc - Ltaief Ben Ltaief

2018.11.02Ltaief Ben Ltaief will join the group of Marcel Mudrich on 6th November 2018 as a postdoctoral researcher

New postdoc - Fabian Maucher

2018.10.30Fabian Maucher is a new postdoc in Thomas Pohl's group with interest in nonlinear physics, such as Bose-Einstein condensates, nonlinear optics and pattern formation in excitable media.

New postdoc - Vincent Jarlaud

2018.10.30Vincent Jarlaud has joined the group of Michael Drewsen on 1 October 2018.

Jan Arlt in his laboratory, where he will soon study quantum fluctuations. Photo: Lars Kruse/AU Foto

New approach to quantum phenomena

2018.10.29Normally quantum fluctuations are difficult to study. In a recent Physical Review Letters publication IFA researchers Nils Byg Jørgensen, Georg Bruun and Jan Arlt describe a new way to do it.