The experimental setup at IFA. The critical eye belongs to co-author Lars Wacker

Quasiparticles as lumps in cold quantum soup

2016.07.27New experiment in supercooled Bose-Einsteincondensate opens possibilities of totally new parallel technology. A group of researchers at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University for the first time have implanted single atoms in a supercooled gas, discovering that socalled quasiparticles are formed in the gas. The result is published in Physical Review Letters 28. July 2016.

New visiting Associate Professor: Nathan Harshman

2016.07.26In July Nathan L. Harshman has joined the Department as visiting Associate Professor, where he will be working with the Nikolaj Zinner group.

New Associate Professor: Oriol Vendrell

2016.07.01Oriol Vendrell joins the Department as an Associate Professor in Theoretical Molecular Physics from July 1, 2016

Researchers at IFA to receive grants from Danish Council for Independent Research

2016.06.23Science & Technology at Aarhus University receives a total of 91 million Dkr from DFF. 2.4 million goes to IFA researchers Alberto Imparato and Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen.

A new aspect of squeezing revealed

2016.06.22Lukas Buchmann, IFA et al. suggest a new type of synodyne detection system that may reduce the noise from back-action in quantum mechanical measurements. To be published in Physical Review Letters.