In plants the two molecules chlorophyll a and b are found.
Images: Colourbox and Jynto [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

What is the true colour of chlorophyll, and why might this be important for the debate on energy ressources?

2016.12.02IFA reserarchers Christina Kjær, Bjarke Pedersen, Mark Stockett and Steen Brøndsted Nielsen has reached a further step in isolating the chlorophyll molecule, making a study of its basic spectrum possible. In The Journal of Physical Chemistry for December 2016 the group publishes the new results, being a follow-up to two recent articles in the highly esteemed journal Angewandte Chemie (in 2015 and 2016).

New postdoc - Bernadette Rosati

2016.11.17Bernadette Rosati has joined the group of Henrik B. Pedersen as a postdoctoral fellow in November 2016.

Andreas receiving the big prize, flanked by two representatives from Accenture

"Best Bachelor 2016" won by IFA-student Andreas Bock Michelsen

2016.10.27Andreas Bock Michelsen won the finals in the competition for "Best Bachelor 2016" sponsored by the Copenhagen company Accenture. Andreas' entry was his bachelors project titled "Taming the spin chain: A new method for constructing Spin Chains from Spectral Data" from Summer 2016. He was invited to the competition as the only AU representative for the finals in the category "Best Technical Bachelor".

Referees urgently wanted for children's competition

2016.10.26see: Events for 8 November

New Postdoc - Kuldeep Verma

2016.10.25Kuldeep Verma has joined the Stellar Astrophysics Centre on 1 October 2016