Exoplanets come in various types, even those orbiting the same types of stars. The distance from the star determines if it is a molten lump of lava or a deep frozen orb. In between there is the possibility of exoplanets having liquid water, a protecting atmosphere - and maybe life!  Source: Institute for Planetary Research, DLR

The planet hunter PLATO has been approved, and the Aarhus astronomers are totally happy

2017.06.22In a meeting Tuesday in the Science Programme Committee of the European Space Agency ESA the new satellite project PLATO was adopted.

Indkaldelse til ST priser ifm. årets sommerfest - frist d. 29. juni kl. 12.00

2017.06.14Så har vi atter fornøjelsen af at kunne indkalde forslag til de seks ST-priser, der uddeles ved sommerfesten fredag d. 25. august 2017.

Master student is awarded prize

2017.06.12Master student Uffe Furlig Larsen is awarded the prize for best poster at the IMPRESS workshop at Aalto University, Helsinki

New postdoc - Arturo Camacho

2017.06.07Arturo Camacho has joined the group of Georg Bruun as a postdoctoral researcher on 1 June 2017

A plastic sheet with a layer of gold is allowed to shrink in one direction. To the right a highly magnified image of the nano rills in the plastic.

New solar cell technology based on a toy

2017.05.24Solar cells are expensive and difficult to mount and maintain, putting researchers always on the alert for new ways of producing them. A team of researchers based at the Department of Physics and Astronomy and iNano at Aarhus University went to the toyshop and found something that may cause a major break-through.


Mon 26 Jun
14:15-15:45 | 1520-516
Thesis defence - Nikolaj Schrøder Wittig Ravn
Tue 27 Jun
12:15-14:15 | 1525-626
Qualifying exam: Absorption and luminescence spectroscopy of molecular ions in vacuo, PhD student Christina Kjær Sørensen
Tue 27 Jun
14:45-16:45 | 1525-626
Qualifying exam: Experimental investigation of biochromophores in the gas phase, PhD student Jeppe Langeland Knudsen
Wed 28 Jun
13:00-14:00 | 1520-616
Thesis defence - Christian L. Sahlholdt
Wed 28 Jun
13:00-14:30 | 1520-516
Thesis defence - Mikkel Fristrup Schou
Wed 28 Jun
15:00-16:30 | 1525-626
Thesis defence - Henrik Lund Mortensen
Wed 28 Jun
17:00-18:30 | 1525-626
Thesis defence - Mikel Olano
Fri 30 Jun
13:00-15:00 | 1525-626
Qualifying exam: Cosmological Simulations with Neutrinos, PhD student Jeppe Mosgaard Dakin
Fri 30 Jun
13:30-15:00 | 1525-323
Thesis defence - Carsten Sønderskov Jørgensen
Fri 25 Aug
14:00-23:59 | Aarhus
Science and Technology’s summer celebration
All employees and PhD students at Science and Technology and the ST Administration Centre are invited to the summer celebration on Friday 25 August 2017. More information to follow!