Aarhus University is getting its own space programme

2017.03.23The first Aarhus satellite will provide both students and scientists with an opportunity for a new approach to research via satellites in a new collaboration with the Danish space company GomSpace A/S. The project’s core mission is to study the way nanosatellites can be used to carry out scientific investigations. The satellite is called AUSAT-1, and it is funded by the Aarhus University Research Foundation.

The new blue 6" telescope with camera mounted on the SONG telescope on Tenerife.

IFA IDEAS coming to life

2017.03.21In-door astronomy takes a new step forward! Last Wednesday during a lecture in Silkeborg the SONG telescope on Tenerife was used to photograph online a couple of classical deep sky objects.

New Professor: Thomas Pohl

2017.03.20Thomas Pohl joins IFA as a Niels Bohr Professor for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.