Mockup of the Alice Challenge experimental setup. Illustration: ScienceAtHome, AU.

Quantum physics turns social

2018.11.14Researchers develop a versatile remote interface to give citizen scientists control over a quantum gas experiment and start to unravel how humans solve complex, natural science problems

Wasp 33b is an "Ultrahot Jupiter" with aluminumoxide in it's atmosphere

The atmosphere around ultra hot Jupiter-like exoplanet Wasp 33b contains aluminiumoxide

2018.11.08The discovery has been made with the OSIRIS spectrograph at Gran Telescopio Canarias by a group of astronomers led by IFA's Carolina von Essen.

New postdoc - Ltaief Ben Ltaief

2018.11.02Ltaief Ben Ltaief will join the group of Marcel Mudrich on 6th November 2018 as a postdoctoral researcher

New postdoc - Fabian Maucher

2018.10.30Fabian Maucher is a new postdoc in Thomas Pohl's group with interest in nonlinear physics, such as Bose-Einstein condensates, nonlinear optics and pattern formation in excitable media.

New postdoc - Vincent Jarlaud

2018.10.30Vincent Jarlaud has joined the group of Michael Drewsen on 1 October 2018.