New postdoc: Sanjoy Kr. Mahatha

2016.09.08Sanjoy Kr. Mahatha joined the group of Philip Hofmann and Jill Miwa as a postdoctoral researcher on 1 September 2016

New postdoc: Martha Scheffler

2016.09.08Martha Scheffler joined the group of Liv Hornekær on 1 September as a postdoctoral researcher

New postdoc: Kevin Guilloy

2016.09.08Kevin Guilloy joined the group of Jill Miwa and Philip Hofmann as postdoctoral researcher on 1 September 2016

VILLUM FOUNDATION supports study of early-stage supernovae

2016.09.12The VILLUM FOUNDATION has awarded a grant of DKK 3.8 million to Associate Professor Max Stritzinger, Department of Physics and Astronomy, to support ‘The Origins of Cosmic Explosions’ project, an initiative in which he and a PhD student will try to precisely identify which types of stars explode as supernovae.

New postdoc: Andreas Næsby

2016.08.15Andreas Naesby joined the group of Aurelien Dantan as a postdoctoral researcher on the 15th of August. He will work on developing new electro-opto-mechanical systems where vibrations of micromechanical drums interact both with optical light fields and electrical fields.