New postdoc - Miroslav Gajdacz

2019.01.22Miroslav Gajdacz has joined the team of Science at Home in the group of Jacob Sherson since January 2019.

The ISOLDE beamline that supplies the Miniball array. The first HIE-ISOLDE cryomodule can be seen in the background, in its light-grey cryostat.

ISOLDE at CERN and IFA's Karsten Riisager are starring in a fine paper in Ingeniøren 18 January 2019

2019.01.18A well written and thorough presentation of the recent discoveries, a.o. of the double-magic nucleus Sn-132 and of the long term involvement of Danish researchers at the ISOLDE detector at CERN.

Associate professor Christoffer Karoff, Geoscience to lead the AU part of the ESA BIC initiative. Private photo.

Science and Technology to educate space entrepeneurs of the future

2019.01.15S&T is joining a cross disciplinary Space Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with ESA, The European Space Agency, assuring that our students can participate in subjects within both space technology and entrepeneurship.

Head 3D printed in dose-sensitive material . The blue volume represents irradiated regions. Photo: IFA

Interdisciplinary research in radiation dosimetry at IFA and Aarhus University Hospital recieves large grant

2019.01.15Peter Balling, Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Ludvig Muren, Department of Clinical Medicine, AU have recieved an Interdisciplinary Synergy grant of almost 15 millioner DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Anne Ersbak Bang Nielsen to recieve a Sapere Aude grant. Photo: DFF

Anne Ersbak Bang Nielsen recieves Sapere Aude grant

2019.01.11Anne E. B. Nielsen is one of four young researchers from Science & Technology to recieve the prestigious Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Independent Research Fund.