Geospace Workshop

20.09.2017 | Brigitte Christina Harke Henderson

Dato ons 04 okt
Tid 09:00 16:00
Sted Geology Aud.

Dear All,

We would like to invite you all to the first Geospace workshop, which will take place at the Geology Auditorium on 4 October from 9am to 16pm.

Geospace is a synergy project between Department of Geoscience and the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University and GomSpace. The aim of the project is to investigate the possibility for utilising the revolution in the accumulation of so-called geospatial data we have witness the past decade.

At the workshop, projects utilizing geospatial data will be presented, as well as new ideas for future projects, including synergy projects with the Department of Engineering and the industry.

Participation in the workshop is free, but you will need to sign up before 28 September, so we know how many we should order drinks and food for.

Please go to for more information and for signing up.

On behalf of the steering group,

Christoffer Karoff

Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, Medarbejdere, Offentligheden / Pressen