Hej! I am a tenured Associate Professor of Astronomy within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University. My research group is chiefly focused on the study of various supernovae (SNe) types (e.g., Type Ib/c, Type IIn, Type Ia, Type Iax, Superluminous SN) with the motivation to identify their progenitor stars, study their pre-SN evolution, and to understand their explosion physics. Significant efforts are also placed on sharpening the utility of Type Ia supernovae as cosmological distance indicators. Much of my research has been in collaboration with the Carnegie Supernova Project I and the Carnegie Supernova Project II. I am a member of the ASAS-SN (All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae), and serve as co-PI of NUTS (NOT [Nordic Optical Telescope] Un-biased Transient Survey). I also lead a team of astronomers using observations of low-redshift type Ia supernovae to map out the local structure of our home supercluster Laniakea. This project is known as FLOWS.

Our research group is funded by the Villum Experiment grant (2019-2022) entitled, "Cosmography of Laniakea: Type Ia supernovae, Peculiar Velocities and Dark Matter", and by a project grant from the Independent Research Funded Denmark (2019-2022) entitled, "A novel study of stripped-envelope supernovae". Between 2016-2020 the group was funded by the Villum Fonden project grant "Origin of cosmic explosions" (2016-2021), while between 2012-2017 I was a Sapere Aude Fellow supported by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology working on the project "Shedding Light on Dark Energy with Standard Candles: Advancing the Cosmological Utility and Undestanding of Type Ia Supernova".