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Tina Santl-Temkiv of SAC Aarhus to receive Villum grant

The ICARUS project will study the effects of proteins on arctic clouds

Tina Santl-Temkiv. Photo: AU
Tina Santl-Temkiv. Photo: AU

Assistant professor Tina Santl-Temkiv, Department for Biology, receives 5,9 mio DKK for the project: The Effects of Ice Nucleation Proteins on Arctic Clouds (ICARUS):

The influence of aerosols on cloud properties is one the least understood drivers of climate change in the Arctic. During the ICARUS project, the group will investigate microbial aerosols that are highly efficient in forming cloud ice. The data that the work will generate will be included in climate models to help understand how biological aerosols impact the Arctic climate. The grant will fund the development of an ice-nucleation laboratory, one PhD student and two postdocs.

Tina Santl-Temkiv doing field work with assistants. Private photo.