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SAC Seminar - Robert Harris, University of Heidelberg

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torsdag 31. januar 2019,  kl. 15:00 - 16:00



Dear all,

On January 31st Robert Harris from Landessternwarte, University of Heidelberg will be visiting SAC, and he will give a SAC seminar on astrophotonics.


The field of Astrophotonics aims to take devices developed for the photonics industry and use them to replace existing conventional components in astronomical instrumentation. The aim varies from application to application, but can be to reduce the size or cost of the instrument, or improve its performance. However, without modification, these devices are difficult to efficiently connect to telescopes.

I will detail the two types of devices we are developing for astronomy.

Firstly I will talk about photonic reformatters, created using Ultrafast Laser Inscription, which are a series of waveguides within a glass block. These have several uses, from beam combiners to image slicers. They are fully integrated into the fibre system, which means they are passively aligned and rhobust. I will describe our plans for using them in high resolution spectroscopy and integral field spectroscopy where they can be used to improve accuracy and reduce modal noise.

Secondly will also talk about 3D printed microlens arrays. These are printed onto fibres or fibre bundles, eliminating alignment difficulties. These can be used as  integral field units, in particular for direct imaging spectroscopy. We are also using them for tip-tilt sensing to improve coupling in the front end of the iLocater instrument, a single mode high resolution spectrograph.


All are welcome to join!

Best Regards,

The SAC Seminar team.