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SAC Seminar - Paul Heeren, Heidelberg University: Exoplanets orbiting giant stars: Lessons learned, problems and prospects

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Tirsdag 28. september 2021,  kl. 14:15 - 15:15




Searching for planets around evolved stars extends the parameter space of observable architectures of exoplanetary systems and thus aids us in gaining a deeper understanding of their formation and evolution. However, in the last few years some specific difficulties have emerged in RV surveys of several giant stars, making the interpretation of observed signals quite challenging. In this talk, I will give an overview of the current known planet distribution and occurrence rate gained from exoplanet surveys of evolved stars, with a focus on results from our own RV survey conducted initially at Lick observatory and followed-up with SONG. Using the example of the K-giant star Epsilon Cygni, I will demonstrate remaining unknowns and problems that can occur in the analysis of RV data, and I will highlight the important role of telescope projects such as SONG in identifying and understanding the encountered anomalies.

This seminar will be "face-to-face", but can also be accessed via zoom: