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SAC Seminar - Nora Eisner: Planet Hunters TESS: people-powered exoplanet discovery in TESS data

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torsdag 25. marts 2021,  kl. 10:30 - 11:30




I will present new results from the Planet Hunters TESS project, which harnesses the power of citizen science to find transit events in the TESS data by engaging tens of thousands of volunteers. To date, the Planet Hunters TESS project has found numerous long-period planets and a large variety of interesting planetary and stellar systems. Our results from Planet Hunters TESS show that humans can outperform the automated detection pipelines for certain types of transits, especially single (long-period) transits, as well as aperiodic transits (circumbinary planets) and planets around rapidly rotating, active (young systems), or otherwise variable stars. I will provide an overview of the ~100 planet candidates that we have found to date, demonstrate how our findings complement the population of automated algorithm identified planets, and present our most recently validated two-planet system.