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SAC Seminar - Margarida Cunha: From solar-like to Mira stars: a unifying description of pulsations

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Torsdag 7. januar 2021,  kl. 10:30 - 11:30



Stochastic noise from near-surface convection is generally accepted to be the main driver of the pulsations observed in solar-like pulsators, from the main-sequence to the red-giant evolution phase. However, the situation is not so clear for further evolved cool, luminous long-period pulsators located near the tip of the red-giant branch and in the asymptotic giant branch. In this talk I will present a new model aimed at describing pulsations in stars from the main-sequence to the asymptotic giant branch, which considers that both stochastic and coherent driving sources may be at play. I will illustrate the model through numerical simulations and applications to real data, argue that it provides a natural explanation for key observational features reported in the literature, and show how it can help extend tests of the scaling relation between the mode line width and effective temperature all the way to the asymptotic giant branch.

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