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SAC Seminar - Jamie Tayar: Rotation in Red Giants

25.01.2018 | Louise Børsen-Koch

Dato man 05 feb
Tid 14:15 15:00
Sted 1520-732

Rotation is one of the last major uncertainties in our understanding of stellar evolution. Many different theories and parameterizations of angular momentum transport and loss have been proposed, but empirical guidance in a new regime is required to discriminate between them and move forward. Using spectroscopy and data from Kepler, it is now possible to measure the core and surface rotation rates of evolved stars. I will present the observed rotation rates in these stars, focusing on recent constraints from intermediate mass core helium burning stars. I will describe the constraints on angular momentum transport and loss that can been inferred from the observed rotation distributions using limiting case models. Finally, I will discuss the prospects for improving our understanding of rotational evolution with the upcoming TESS mission.