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SAC Seminar - Caroline Devine: Sounding Space – a site-specific approach to composition

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tirsdag 20. marts 2018,  kl. 14:00 - 14:45



Caroline Devine is a sound artist and composer whose practice investigates the boundary between sound and music, encompassing electroacoustic composition, sound installation, radio and theatre. Her works explore voices, sounds and signals that are ordinarily imperceptible, silenced or in some way absent, such as natural radio transmissions, solar resonances, electromagnetic signals and hidden voices. Devine has a particular interest in the use of space as a compositional parameter and her site-specific sound installations include an 18th Century Folly, an outdoor parabolic dome structure, MK Gallery’s lift, The Open University campus grounds and Alan Turing Hut 8 at Bletchley Park. Devine has been shortlisted twice for a BASCA British Composer Award for her works ‘5 Minute Oscillations of the Sun’ and ‘On Air’.

Throughout 2014, Devine was Leverhulme Artist in Residence with the Solar and Stellar Physics group in the School of Physics and Astronomy at University of Birmingham where she worked alongside the HiROS team of asteroseismologists studying NASA Kepler data on the natural resonances of stars. From March 2018, as a Creative Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Birmingham, she will once again be working alongside the HiROS team and visiting SAC at Aarhus while developing work in response to the TESS mission.

Devine will discuss her site-specific sound arts practice, sonification and her ongoing collaboration with Prof Bill Chaplin and the HiROS team.