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NTE Talk - Michael I. Andersen, NBI

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Torsdag 29. september 2022,  kl. 10:30 - 11:30



Status on the NTE instrument for NOT

The design, projected performance and status of NTE (NOT Transient Explorer) is described. NTE is in reality three independent instruments mounted together at the Cassegrain focus of the NOT: NTE-VIS-imager, NTE-IR-imager and NTE-spectrograph. The two imagers can be used in parallel via a dichroic and provides a FoV of 6' with a sampling of 0.18"/pix. They are in performance very similar to AlFOsc and NOTCam, respectively. The NTE spectrograph is a cross-dispersed and covers the spectral range 320 nm - 2430 nm in a single exposure, through 18 spectral orders, with a 23" long slit. The spectrograph utilizes CCDs in the visible/UV and an H2RG detector from Teledyne in the IR, with plate scales of 0.23" and 0.40", respectively. NTE is expected to have first light in 2024.