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MW Gaia Workshop "Fundamental stellar parameters from asteroseismology in the era of Gaia", Aarhus 2022

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts on asteroseismology, galactic archaeology, stellar evolution, exoplanets, and Gaia data. Participants will discuss the synergies that combining Gaia data with datasets from Kepler and TESS offers, as well as the opportunities to eliminate the remaining stumbling blocks.

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mandag 13. juni 2022, kl. 08:00 - onsdag 15. juni 2022, kl. 16:10

By mid-2022 the Gaia DR3 catalogue will be released which will provide a wealth of information for more than a billion stars, including ultra-precise astrometry, radial velocities, photometric colours, binary solutions, etc. This new release will enable even more stringent astrophysical constraints when performing asteroseismic modelling to derive fundamental stellar parameters. This will push forward several asteroseismic applications such as exoplanet host star characterization and galactic archaeology.