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The 3rd Solar Connections Symposium 2017

Date: 5-7 April 2017

Venue: Brasenose College Oxford

The aim of the Solar Connections network is to bring together leading experts in Solar and Stellar Physics, Geoscience and Climate Modeling to collaborate, exchange ideas and hereby develop cross-disciplinary approaches to increase our understanding of solar variability and evaluate which aspects of this variability that affects the climate the most.

This year’s symposium will take place at Brasenose College Oxford and will focus on how the Sun affects the climate.

The symposium is funded by the Danish Villum Foundation, which means that participation, including B&B for those who needs it, will be free of charge for invited participants signing up before 8 February 2017. In general you are expected to cover travel costs yourself, but if there are any problems please contract Christoffer (karoff@phys.au.dk).

The organizing committee,

Christoffer, Stergios, Lesley and Mads