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SONG Inauguration 2014

New Danish telescope to be inaugurated in Tenerife

The first telescope in the Danish-led telescope network SONG will officially open 25 October 2014 marking the start of a worldwide star research project that will bring us even closer to the understanding of stars.

7 years ago a group of astronomers from the University of Aarhus and University of Copenhagen had the idea of a global network of small telescopes specifically focused on the study of nearby stars and planetary systems. The dream was to develop a prototype of a new state of the art robotic telescope that was cheap and efficient in operation and scientifically able to make a difference for relatively little money, even before all the planned network of eight telescopes around the world were developed.

The prototype of the new telescope is now set up, tested and ready for the official opening at the Observatorio del Teide on the Izaña mountain on Tenerife, which is the Danish - and first - 'node' in the SONG network.

The inauguration will take place 25 October, 2014, at the Observatorio del Teide, on the Izaña mountain, Tenerife.

Find the video promo about the inauguration here

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