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SCORe16 Workshop

The Universities of Aarhus and Heidelberg are planning a series of convection workshops, SCORe (Stellar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship, jj={16, 17, ...}), with the motivation to bring together expertise from various 1D and 3D convection models/simulations. The workshops shall address various topics in stellar evolution and pulsation theory, such as "surface effects", granulation or stochastic excitation.  As an example, it will be an aim to identify the most serious limitations of 1D models and establish how 3D  simulations could help to extend/include simple descriptions of additional physics in 1D (evolutionary/pulsation) calculations. This could include simple prescriptions to capture most of the relevant physics associated with, for example, turbulent pressure, turbulent kinetic energy flux, or velocity anisotropy, or convenient ways for calibrating the free parameters in 1D convection models across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Participation at these workshops is by invitation only. The workshop will be limited to about 15-20 people to provide ideal conditions for an efficient "working" environment. The schedule will include one or two ~1h talks per day, giving us maximal time for actual work and to engage in discussions. A very rough programme has been outlined below.

This year's first workshop, SCORe16, will take place at Aarhus University, Denmark, and SCORe17 will take place in Heidelberg, Germany. The idea is to have “surface effects” as a heading for SCORe16 and “granulation” as a heading for SCORe17.



Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard (Aarhus)

Remo Collet (Aarhus)

Günter Houdek (Aarhus, chair)

Friedrich Kupka (Vienna)

Hans-Günter Ludwig (Heidelberg)

Mia Sloth Lundkvist (Heidelberg)

Mark Rast (Boulder)

Regner Trampedach (Boulder)