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SAC Summer School 2014

Stars, Planets and Life in the Universe


The Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC) is a centre of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation with the aim of studying the stars, their planetary systems and the possibility for life in the Universe.


SAC is inviting 24 Master- and PhD-students to attend the two week summer school 10-22 August 2014. The course will contain lectures on stars and planets as well as several aspects of astrobiology, and there will be both lectures and exercises. The second week of the summer school will include intensive group work on specific projects related to the overall subject and those projects will contain both theoretical and practical/observational aspects, including work on the SONG telescope. The course will end with a general presentation of the individual projects.


1st Announcement SAC Summer University - here

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-          Planet and star formation

-          Exoplanets and their properties

-          Stellar evolution

-          Asteroseismology, stellar pulsations and structures of stars

-          Astrobiology

-          Earth-like planets


The work load of the summer school corresponds to 5 ECTS.

Any inquiries should be sent to louise@phys.au.dk