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About SAC


The Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC) is a Centre of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation for a ten-year period (2012-2022). The purpose of the Stellar Astrophysics Centre is to study the stars and their planetary systems based on a comprehensive strategy that seeks to produce a complete picture of the structure, atmosphere and magnetic activity of the stars and the planets in their orbit. The Centre plans to combine new observations from the Kepler space telescope and data from the so-called SONG network of telescopes with advanced data analysis and theoretical models.


Currently, the staff at Stellar Astrophysics Centre consists of 8 senior scientists, 8 Postdocs, 8 PhD students and 5 members of the technical and administrative staff. The Centre is located at the Department of Physics and Astronomy (IFA), Aarhus University. Directly involved as participants in the research at the Centre is a number of outside collaborators, the so-called nodes, who have all been selected based on their scientific excellence and complementarity to the expertise already available at SAC-IFA. Therefore, we cooperate with scientists from many international key institutions in the field, such as the Kiepenhauer Institute für Sonnenphysik and universities in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA:

Everyday life at the Centre

  • SAC coffee meetings 2-3 times a week
  • SAC seminars every week
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

SAC Code of Conduct


We value honesty and the highest standards of ethical behavior and promote a supportive workplace. All interactions are conducted with consideration and respect and the workplace is harassment-free; abusive, intimidating, humiliating or demeaning behaviour is not acceptable under any circumstances. We recognize that we all from time to time face challenges and difficulties and therefore encourage an open and appreciative SAC culture where staff and affiliates can raise matters without fear of retribution.

We see the SAC culture as a proactive environment, where we continuously seek to improve and suggest new innovative approaches with regard to both research-related work, social initiatives and internal work structures.

We aspire to respectful behaviour by:

  • being open listeners and receivers of SAC information
  • providing constructive and accurate comments and feedback
  • suggesting improvements through reflection, courage and innovation
  • raising your voice to the administrative management when experiencing wrongdoings.


SAC is a project group made up of individuals from different cultural, social, ethnic and educational backgrounds and equal opportunity and treatment are afforded to all colleagues, regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnic and national origin, socio-economic background, political affiliation, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability and any intersection thereof.

We acknowledge and accept each other’s differences and seek to understand these in a constructive manner by:

  • being committed to create an inclusive place of work, teaching and learning
  • treating all SAC members with respect and sensitivity
  • valuing yourself and others with a high regard for individuality, diversity and academic freedom
  • showing consideration and responsibility for the SAC workplace and helping each other to ensure its usefulness, professional standard and appearance.


The aim of SAC is to maintain and further develop our leading position on the international scene within the relevant research areas as well as establishing new research activities within related fields in order to push the frontiers in several areas of stellar and exoplanet research.

SAC is a professional research hub by:

  • conducting research with honesty and integrity
  • supporting research freedom and ensuring that new ideas and projects are supported, even if at first sight they seem to be risky
  • clearly acknowledging access to data
  • not tolerating plagiarism or any other unethical behaviour.


Professional activities and interactions at SAC are carried out with respect and consideration for other scientists at any stage of their career (i.e., students and junior scientists, peers, supervisors and senior colleagues), and any other individuals or groups encountered in work-related situations (e.g., administrative and technical support personnel, outreach and media professionals, members of the public). SAC focuses on being an inclusive research unit where everybody welcomes new additions to the SAC community and colleagues are motivated to act in ethical ways in their interactions and written and spoken language should express respect, equal treatment and consideration.

We try to ensure inclusiveness by:

  • expecting colleagues at SAC to take an active role and making it a priority to get involved in the daily life at the Centre
  • bringing people on the 4th and 5th floor together every day at 10 am for morning coffee as part of a daily SAC routine
  • going to lunch together every day at the canteen at the 7th floor
  • having a weekly SAC Seminar with external lectures, internal “share you work” presentation and other research activities
  • supporting the monthly SAC breakfasts where we celebrate past birthdays and other joyful occasions
  • inviting all SAC staff to an administrative meeting every second month to get on top of new AU practicalities/issues
  • having an Annual SAC Retreat.