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About SAC


The Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC) is a Centre of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation for a ten-year period (2012-2022). The purpose of the Stellar Astrophysics Centre is to study the stars and their planetary systems based on a comprehensive strategy that seeks to produce a complete picture of the structure, atmosphere and magnetic activity of the stars and the planets in their orbit. The Centre plans to combine new observations from the Kepler space telescope and data from the so-called SONG network of telescopes with advanced data analysis and theoretical models.


Currently, the staff at Stellar Astrophysics Centre consists of 8 senior scientists, 8 Postdocs, 8 PhD students and 5 members of the technical and administrative staff. The Centre is located at the Department of Physics and Astronomy (IFA), Aarhus University. Directly involved as participants in the research at the Centre is a number of outside collaborators, the so-called nodes, who have all been selected based on their scientific excellence and complementarity to the expertise already available at SAC-IFA. Therefore, we cooperate with scientists from many international key institutions in the field, such as the Kiepenhauer Institute für Sonnenphysik and universities in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA:

Nathalie Batalha - NASA Ames

William Chaplin - University of Birmingham

Saskia Hekker - Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Kai Finster - Aarhus University

Sara Seager - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Timothy Bedding - The University of Sydney

Svetlana Berdyugina - Kiepenheuer Institut fuer Sonnenphysik


Everyday life at the Centre

- Daily meetings at 10 am

- SAC-meetings every week

- Journal Club meetings every week

- Colloquia

- Workshops

- Retreats